Nick Saban is always looking for an advantage on the football field and in the recruiting world. Saban's relentless recruiting efforts throughout the years have seen Alabama win six national championships and send countless players into the NFL.

Will Saban have to make a move in order to keep an edge over the rest of college football? One coach may force Saban to pack up his belongings and make an adjustment to his lifestyle.

North Carolina coach Mack Brown has moved his family home to .98 miles away from the North Carolina campus at Chapel Hill. Brown's move will allow his family to host unofficial recruiting visits in his home which will create more opportunities for North Carolina to secure top-rated recruits.

While a recruit is on an unofficial visit he is only allowed contact with staff members while within one mile of campus boundaries. By moving within a mile of the Tar Heels' campus, Brown is able to host recruits and their families in his home while they are on unofficial visits while staying in compliance with NCAA rules.

The recruit and his family are required to financially support any unofficial visits. NCAA rules allow for recruits to take as many unofficial visits to a school as they so choose.

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The college football is well aware of Saban's in-home recruiting skills, be it specially cooked food, time on the lake or dancing with recruits and their mothers; Saban is undoubtedly college football's top recruiter.

Would Saban consider moving from his home, the only home he's lived in during his time in Tuscaloosa, closer to campus in order to gain a recruiting advantage?

College football's best coach brought in the highest-rated recruiting class of all time in 2021 so it's obvious that Saban needs no more advantages, however don't put it past the veteran coach to be scouting out homes within a mile of campus.

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