The kings of delusion are at it again. The Dallas Cowboys are "likely" releasing former Alabama wide receiver Amari Cooper, according to ESPN's NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

What kind of fantasy universe is Jerry Jones living in?

Where is the connection that Jones thinks Cooper is so bad for the team, that he would rather get rid of him as a whole, than at the very least, trade him for something, anything?

In 2021, Cooper caught 68 receptions for 865 yards, averaged 12.7 yards per reception (more than a first down), and eight touchdowns. Not perfect, but far from terrible.

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This is the former No. 4 overall pick that you received for a first-round draft pick. This is the same former BCS national champion that has five 1,000-yard seasons under his belt. The same veteran who has been selected to the Pro Bowl four times in his career, and he's just 27.

This is the same receiver that had the: third most receptions, the second most targets, second most yards, the third most yards averaged, and tied for the most receiving touchdowns on the 2021, 12-5, NFC East champions roster.

How is that bad? Make it make sense.

Plus, "Coop" had the second-most receptions, yards, and scored the only touchdown from an offensive weapon in Dallas' pathetic playoff loss to San Fransisco this past year.

The predictability of the Cowboys is so common, that if I was a betting woman, I would put money on it each year. Jones does hardly anything, if that, in the offseason; then, like clockwork, when the calendar flips to August 1st, Cowboys fans come out the woodwork screaming "this is our year," with no logical reasoning, then get all hurt and upset when their average team ends up losing in embarrassing fashion.

If Jerry Jones wants to continue ruining his team's chances at being actual contenders, that's fine with me, no loss on my part. But, Cooper is far from Dallas' problem. His trade was a steal and he has positively impacted the Cowboys each season. Continuing to make the wrong decisions, and pushing out the wrong people is not going to get Dallas anywhere.

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