Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder has been getting run through the wringer by the national media for a handful of years now for a plethora of scandals surrounding both his personal conduct and the way he has run the team. It has created a chaotic environment for the coaches and players to try to achieve success in, effectively placing five Alabama alumni on the team in football purgatory.

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However, despite how abysmal his personal conduct and management of the team have been for decades, Snyder may have reached a new low in what he did to former Crimson Tide and Hillcrest Patriot running back Brian Robinson, Jr.

The Washington, D.C. attorney general, Karl Racine, announced on Wednesday that a major announcement would be coming Thursday at noon regarding his office's investigations into potential criminal wrongdoings on multiple fronts by Snyder. Racine's office has been investigating Snyder since the U.S. House Committee for Oversight and Reform first sent its findings on Snyder to the FTC regarding potential financial crimes.

In response to this announcement, Snyder's lawyers put out a statement that effectively used the shooting of Brian Robinson to try to deflect any perception of wrongdoing from himself back to Racine's office.

Two things are important here. One, it's is extremely unseemly of Snyder to make light of Robinson's shooting and miraculous recovery as a poor means of trying to defend himself publicly. Two, it makes absolutely no sense. Both of the assailants have been captured and charged. The only person Metropolitan Police is still seeking is a getaway driver.

This is a developing situation, as it would appear Robinson's agent is quite displeased with the statement, implying that Robinson himself is, too.

It is unclear if the human behind the statement that Williams is referring to is Snyder himself, but many are speculating that it is. The statement resembles the language and tone deafness of many previous statements put out in an attempt to defend Snyder over the years, with he himself being the common denominator behind every one of them.

Robinson isn't the only one unhappy. Many journalists and fans around the nation's capital have expressed extreme displeasure.

Racine's statement will come at noon Thursday. As far as Robinson himself is concerned, it will be interesting to see how he chooses to handle this. Since returning to the field he has proven to be exactly what this team needs, despite being under utilized - a strong, bruising running back who can push the pile and fight for tough yards. DC hasn't had a back like that in a long time.

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