"We're looking for guys who are outstanding at the physical end of playing linebacker."

Not only is C.J. Mosley nearing the Alabama all time tackle record, he's also, very deservedly, a semi-finalist for the Butkus award, which is awarded to the nation's top collegiate linebacker. From what Dick Butkus said, it's hard to argue another player being more outstanding and physical at the linebacker position than Mosley.

"The number one thing fans like is scoring, and number two is big hits."

Many people who may not know football very well may not recognize Mosley's contributions to the Tide's success over the past few years. Offensive players are usually the ones who get most of the credit for both wins and losses, plus are usually the ones on the highlight reel on ESPN. However, Mosley is starting to turn the heads of everyone, even the people who find it difficult to acknowledge good football play on the defensive side of the ball.

So as the college football season starts to wind down, Mosley can keep ascending up the Butkus award list, but more importantly, he can continue helping the Crimson Tide seek the first three-peat in college football in nearly 80 years.

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