The NFL halted travel for all personnel in response to the COVID-19 coronavirus. This halted all the pro-day workouts for prospects attempting to impress the scouts in a post-combine setting. Tua Tagovailoa did not participate in NFL Combine drills while in Indianapolis this past February. The Alabama quarterback instead had planned on working out with his Crimson Tide teammates on April 9.

Tagovailoa's plans were derailed as more and more events were cancelled, instead the Hawaiian quarterback had to hold an individual workout in Nashville and send the film to all 32 NFL teams.

ESPN's Chris Mortensen shared several clips he acquired on his social media for the public to digest and dissect.

Tagovailoa showcased several basic-level throws in the first clip. He showed his ability to take a snap under-center with his coach Trent Dilfer simulating a snap.

The second clip is more of the same, simple routine throws but Tagovailoa's ability to operate the rudimentary drills showcases his health and readiness to start playing in an NFL training camp.

Tagovailoa's third clip shows a bit more movement in the pocked with longer throws. This clip shows his elite arm strength and mobility in the pocket.

In the fourth clip Tagovailoa shows similar mobility in the pocket but has a few misses. This clip getting into the public adds credibility to the workout as it shows the bad along with the good.

In the fifth clip the quarterback shows off one of the longer throws on the day.

In the sixth clip Tagovailoa shows off his velocity in short range throws.

In the final clip Tagovailoa shows off his mobility, arm strength and accuracy. This clip is likely the best out of the bunch. He shows off how healthy his hip is by rolling out of the pocket and hitting receivers on the run.

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