During his weekly appearance on The Gary Harris Show, former SEC defensive coordinator Ellis Johnson weighed on the controversy taking place in Columbus, Ohio.

After providing a summary of the events he heard surrounding Meyer, Johnson mentioned one thing that was missing from the entire story.

"One thing that did come out of it that I find really astounding is that nobody personally made an apology to that lady (Courtney Smith), and I found that absolutely shocking." Johnson said.

While examining the roles involved in the controversy including Urban Meyer, the former Alabama defensive coordinator emphasized the importance of someone apologizing to Courtney Smith and making sure a similar circumstance doesn't occur in the future.

"There are so many other people to blame other than Urban Meyer. To me, sometimes there is a little bit of pilling on going on. I just wish the whole thing would go away. We're starting football in nine days. Someone needs to apologize to her (Courtney Smith), and somebody needs to make sure that this never happens again." Johnson said.

Johnson later looked at the impact that Meyer's three-game suspension could have on The Ohio State's 2018 season.

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