With only one week until the Alabama Crimson Tide travel to Atlanta to meet the Florida State Seminoles in one of the most anticipated game in college football this season, reporters are breaking down every aspect of each team heading into their September 2 match-up.

ESPN analytics reporter KC Joyner joined The Game with Ryan Fowler to break down Alabama quarterback Jalen Hurts. Despite questions about Hurts being able to move the ball down field with his arm, Joyner offers numbers that would prove he did that better than most quarterback in the country.

"Hurts did an fantastic job in the numbers way," Joyner said. "First freshman quarterback to ever start for a Saban team, won a bunch of awards, set the program record for touchdowns responsible for in a season and the second single-season total offense."

"But what really stood out to me was you think he's a great runner and yet when you look at how he did on vertical passes, he averaged 12.3 yards per attempt in those plays against Power 5 teams, that was 7th in the country. He's not just a running quarterback who can throw on occasions, he's a guy who if you need him to go deep and get the long passes, he can do that as well as anyone in the country."

During the interview, Joyner also believed that the hype on the Auburn Tigers this season wasn't a good as everyone thinks it could be.

For more of KC Joyner break down of the Florida State/Alabama game for an analytics stand-point, watch the interview above. And don't forget to tune into The Game with Ryan Fowler weekday afternoons from 2-6 p.m.

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