Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III stirred up some controversy on Twitter Sunday when he tweeted this picture out about his upcoming wedding.

Robert Griffin III Wedding Gifts
@RGIII on Twitter

My immediate reaction upon seeing this thank you message was 'what is wrong with people?' Why would any fan ever want to give gifts to a highly-paid athlete? When you consider how much money NFL teams already suck out of the fans' pockets, it seems absurd to volunteer even more money to a guy that wouldn't know you from Jimmy. Seriously, WTH?

I'm sure they feel some personal connection by sending a gift, and they might even get a personal thank you note from one of the game's brightest stars, but it's absurd on more than one level. Someone had to search out Griffin's public wedding registry, which, on a side note, could be a great start to a sequel for 'The Fan.' Then that person had to share the information around to other lunatics that supported this idea. And finally, they spent money on a man who is entering his second year of a four year, $21 million contract.

The other interesting angle from these uncontrolled acts of generosity comes from a college football angle. Let's say Griffin got married two years earlier. What's to stop Baylor fans from finding his public registry and bombard the former Heisman winner with gifts? These could be made anonymously or with false names, making them difficult to return.

It sure seems like a convenient and simple way to get money or benefits to a player much in the same way Johnny Manziel created a loophole in the NCAA rules by trademarking 'Johnny Football' a few months back.

You better believe there'd be plenty of boosters willing to take care of a few items on a starting quarterback's wedding registry. On the flip side, if you're a college student, wouldn't you inflate your registry with a few more big ticket items with the intent of profiting from your football success?

What started as an innocent and genuine thank you on a quiet Sunday morning might have opened up a pandora's box.

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