*This story has been edited with Ryan Anderson's Response*


Former second round draft pick, Ryan Anderson is making headlines today after a former teammate revealed something he said to him in a hot tub. Co-host of the Redskins Brawl, Garrett Hudson revealed what makes Anderson such a tough football player.

Anderson told Hudson after practice one day in 2018, "if I can remember my grandkid's names, then I didn't play the game right."

Anderson responded to the quote on his own personal Twitter account.

Anderson's name was the subject of conversation on this episode of the Redskins Brawl podcast in a segment of "Trade or Keep". Hudson, a teammate of Anderson's in 2018 said that he is the hardest hitter on the Redskins defense.

"Of the people that were on the team when I was there in 2018, I don't think anybody hits harder than Ryan Anderson. I've heard him call himself the billygoat, the bulldog and the ram. And he would frequently yell those things at me after he would spear me in the chest," Hudson said.

Anderson plays the game in a violent manor and even got himself ejected from a game last season with this vicious hit to Greg Olsen's head.

Hudson's quote of Anderson flies directly in the face of the messaging the NFL has been attempting to send out to the public over the last several years. The league has stressed safety and proper technique when making contact in order to prevent C.T.E.

Anderson has accumulated 77 tackles, 15 quarterback hits, six sacks, and five forced fumbles in his 43 games with the Redskins over the course of three seasons. Entering his final season under contract with the Redskins there has been speculation he may be on the trade block.

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