Michaela Childs was part of a wrestling team at a middle school in California and grew up wanting to be active in the sport. According to Ben Thomas of Al.com, Childs said, "I started with the very basics. I got the moves down pretty well, but I was going against kids with a lot more experience. I just had to keep going regardless."

When Childs moved to Alabama, she wrestled throughout high school and engaged in matches against boys. After finishing high school, she was able to compete for the Oklahoma City University's women's wrestling team. This move inspired the sport in Alabama.

Michaela Childs
Photo Courtesy of AL.com

Scott Miller, who is the Daphne head coach said, "Signing with Oklahoma City University is such a huge opportunity. Michaela will be able to pursue her dreams both athletically and academically. Not only has she paved a road for success for herself, but she is paving the road for the future of women's wrestling in Alabama."

Chair of the Alabama High School Girls Wrestling Task Force, Julie Lassere said, "girls wrestling is currently the fastest growing high school sport in the country with 28 states having a girls championship tournament."

During 2020, there have been 41 high schools in Alabama that have had women's wrestling. The Alabama High School Athletic Association will have girls wrestling tournaments for the upcoming school year.

Lassere said, "Michela, and so many other girls like her, have paved the way for girls wrestling in Alabama. With so many collegiate opportunities for women's wrestling, Alabama girls should have the opportunity to compete in the sport on a level playing field against other girls."

Lassere mentioned, "Childs is the first female wrestler in Baldwin County history to sign to continue her career on the college level. It all started innocently enough."

Childs is originally from Idaho, but moved to California and Alabama during her middle and high school years. She was inspired by her family to practice wrestling during her time in middle school.

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