After a lot of turnover this offseason on the coaching staff, the Alabama football team has been using spring camp to become more familiar with one another.

As much conversation as the coaching additions has generated off the field, the message has been very different inside the locker room.

"Whatever happens, the whole mentality, the whole mindset of playing Alabama football won't change and that's something that Coach Saban has done an extremely good job of telling us," tight end Hale Hentges said. "It doesn't matter what coaches we have in there, what new players we have. You're still supposed to do your job."

Hentges did his job a year ago as part of rotation at the tight end position. He finished in a tie for third on the team with three touchdown catches, but he's focused on becoming an all-around tight end for his senior season.

"I would really like to become more of a dynamic tight end. That's something that I've really been relied on to spend a lot of time on blocking and I really enjoy doing that. And I love doing that for the team. That being said, I'd love to help my team out even further by being a reliable pass-catching option."

Spring practice continues on Tuesday after the team takes off for Easter.

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