Not only is Today, Halloween, but it also happens to be someone very special's "born on date."

Yes, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Nicholas Lou Saban, Jr!

Coach was born on Oct 31st, 1951. (which with my quick math come out to 67 years of age!

What do you buy a man like Mr. Saban, who can afford anything he wants on his birthday? I don't know? But if I had the chance to get his anything, I'd probably get him some Little Debbie Snack Cakes.

Three reasons why....#1) The Coach seems to quite fond of them. #2) He usually enjoys at least one every day, And #3) It's pretty much all I can afford on a Radio DJ's salary :-)

In any event, I wish him nothing but The BEST on his birthday.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY, COACH!

I also find it quite fitting that THE COACH was born on HALLOWEEN.....that's because everytime THE CRIMSON TIDE steps on to the football field, we always put the SCARE into ALL of our OPPONENTS!



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