It's hot, so how about a beer on ice to cool off? It's not what you think -- it's better.

This video from earlier this year features three contestants in beer can costumes racing across the ice at a Green Bay Gamblers hockey game.

A can of Bud, a can of Bud Light and a can of Busch Light all scamper across the ice while the PA announcer enthusiastically calls the action. Busch Light takes an early spill, leaving it -- in the words of the announcer -- a "neck and neck" race, although "bottle neck and bottle neck" may be more appropriate.

This race is pure fun and we have to say we're a little bit surprised that the Bud family is represented, considering that beer is so associated with St. Louis and Green Bay's proximity to Milwaukee, which is home to Miller. We digress, though. The important thing is you grab a brewski and enjoy human beer can ice racing, which really should be our new national pastime.

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