Jason Whitlock of outkick.com joined The Game with Ryan Fowler to discuss the recent NASCAR and Bubba Wallace controversy, the state of the nation and his recent job change.

You can hear the entire interview on Soundcloud or the Tide 100.9 Youtube page.

Whitlock discussed leaving Fox Sports One and joining Clay Travis and the team at outkick.com. He explained he felt he could make the biggest impact on the sports world by joining one of the independent publications similar to Barstool or The Ringer. Whitlock will be writing columns and podcasting for OutKick in order to grow the brand and increase his impact.

One of Whitlock's first pieces for his new company is #FAKENOOSE Story Proves Racism Is Our New Religion. He told The Game's audience that the point of his article is that social media and the main stream media has made race and politics our number one value above our faith in God. Whitlock said the media jamming race and politics down the public's throat is the primary reason America is divided.

"If you do have some sort of religious faith, you should be interpreting the world and trying to align your action with what best represents your spiritual religious value. Social media has made everyone interpret the world through identity politics and the first one being your race," said Whitlock. "So people start formulating opinions about different aspects and different controversies based on, 'Well how am I supposed to feel about this as a black person' or, 'How am i supposed to feel based on my sexuality' and I just think that its inappropriate. Its divisive, if we went back to, 'How do I feel about this based off my Christian views, my faith in, my Jewish religious views, my Muslim religious views, my Catholic religious view.' If people started interpreting life that way, we'd all be a lot happier."

Whitlock spoke about the murder of George Floyd and his opinions surrounding that story. He said the media added a racial layer to the murder that he's not so sure existed. Whitlock made the point that the police struggle with abuse of power issues and not racism.

"They get drunk on their power, and there's an abuse of power. There's an arrogance and an entitlement that goes along with that power that makes them go overboard and abuse their power, and that's what I tend to think happened there with Derrick Chauvin the policemen that's been charged with murder, or homicide in that case. I think there's more proof of that than perhaps he was driven by race. Maybe he was, but it's all speculation," Whitlock explained.

Whitlock said that what happened over the weekend with NASCAR and Bubba Wallace was a prime example of the social media problem in this country. Whitlocked blamed NASCAR for its statement and not handling the situation internally prior to making a statement.

He said society's solution to reach societal unity is the nation living out their religious views. Whitlock said that people should be talking about God more than talking politics. He said as a society, America has just gone too far into politics and race.

"Maybe you say the name Donald Trump 100 times more a week than you ever say the name Jesus Christ. I just think that's inappropriate and we've just gone too far," said Whitlock.

Fowler finished up his interview by asking Whitlock his opinion on the Black Lives Matter movement.

"I think that most people are very naive about their view on the Black Lives Matter movement," said Whitlock.

He explained the political nature of Black Lives Matter and said its driven by a Marxist ideology. Whitlock said Black Lives Matter pushes an anti-religious ideology. He said that in his opinion Black Lives Matter does not care about the lives of black men and the organization would not wait to find out the race of killers prior to showing it cares.

Whitlock said the perpetrator is more important to the Black Lives Matter movement instead of the victim.

"There are some people, that authentically believe the murder, the tragic deaths of so many black men, regardless of the perpetrator, is a tragedy that we need to be concerned about and trying to solve. Not just trying to solve, white murders lives matter and so I think Black Lives Matter is a joke, its fraudulent, I think its a distraction, I think it's a political tool that's taking us down a path that's not healthy for America in general and black people in particular," said Whitlock.

Whitlock said that as a Christian, all lives matter and that he evaluates life and tragedy through the prism of Christianity and whether God thinks his life is special.

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