Kane Wommack, the new defensive coordinator/linebackers coach for the University of Alabama had a chance to talk to former head coach Nick Saban about the team's defense.

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Wommack recounted this conversation in his interview on "The Game" hosted by Ryan Fowler. "What was that like?" asked Fowler. "To be able to sit down and talk defensive strategy with a legend?"

Wommack noted that it was the first time he'd had a conversation with the legendary head coach. "We talked on the phone a couple of times when I got here," said Wommack. "Just to get a feel for what we needed to do in recruiting and where his mindset was in terms of how to adjust the defensive personnel from year to year."

The new DC highlighted a specific element of Saban's approach. "He saw each season as a new season." said Wommack. "New challenges, new personnel, new coaches...so I wanted to make sure I was connecting with him in that regard."

When Wommack eventually got to talk in person with Saban, he found talking football with him very seamless and easy. However, he did note a "sort of reverence" that he felt sitting there with the coach.

"Gosh, we probably spent already five hours together in person," said Wommack. "To be able to have those moments...and have the time with him individually to talk through defensive scheme and philosophy...." Wommack also highlighted their talks of division for the program and what he would need to do moving forward to adjust for the players and coaches.

"That's been really fun and rewarding and I've appreciated every minute of it." Wommack concluded.

Listen to the full interview with Kane Wommack here.

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