Alabama football fans go hard.

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With other 100,000 seats in Bryant-Denny Stadium, you're sure to get a few people that go a little crazy with their fandom.

Tommy Ray of Huntsville is one of those folks, but first: a shoutout to some of the other notable Crimson Tide superfans.

Courtesy of Bobbie Johnson via Facebook
Courtesy of Bobbie Johnson via Facebook

The Newcomer

Did you catch Shaker Skirt Guy on CBS Sports a few years ago? That was Alabama student Nick Ebel.

Ebel told the Crimson White he started wearing his iconic shaker skirt in 2016, during his freshman year at the University of Alabama.

The idea came to him during the Kentucky game his first year at school. “Whenever I wasn’t using my one shaker, I would just stick it in my belt and at one point I looked down and thought, ‘What if I made a whole hula skirt out of this? That would be funny.’”

The rest is Shaker Skirt history.

Courtesy of WBRC
Courtesy of WBRC

The Challenger

In 2019, ESPN conducted a contest to see who was the biggest College Football fan.

Among the wannabe superfans selected for the task was Bama's own Llyas Ross. Ross and three other candidates were then required to prove their loyalty by surviving atop a 45-foot billboard in San Jose, California near Levi's Stadium.

And just like Bama does, Ross took home the win.

Courtesy of Tommy Ray via Facebook
Courtesy of Tommy Ray via Facebook

The Long Haul

So some fans dress up in wacky costumes, others test their physical limits......but what does Tommy Ray do?

He goes to Alabama games.

But not just home games--Tommy Ray has attended every single game since 1972.

Rick Karle of WVTM 13 posted about Ray on Saturday. "Tommy has braved rain and snow and travel challenges to attend every regular season and post season home and road game for half a century," he wrote.

So you can be sure, even as Alabama heads down to South Florida to recover from a Texas loss, Tommy Ray will be there cheering them on.

Roll Tide!

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