So.... apparently we've been peeling eggs wrong. Yeah, we know. We didn't realize there was an easier way either until we saw this video.

With the weather warming up, you might be planning on making some nice egg salad for the family BBQ. Well if so, kiss hand peeling those hardboiled eggs goodbye. You're about to become an EGGSpert egg peeler.

An Instagram account called How Things Works shared a video of a guy getting the shells off some hardboiled eggs in a really unique way.


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In the video, you'll see him pour water into what looks like an giant, empty pickle jar. From there, he puts in a couple of freshly-boiled eggs. After closing the lid tight, he gives it a nice shake. When he pulls out an egg, the shell is completely gone. We're shell shocked.

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He was so excited about the end result he nearly choked! If this actually works, our egg peeling just got a whole lot faster.

So there you have it. Yet, another life hack to add to your skillset that'll make your life easier. If you try this for yourself, let us know how it worked in the comments.

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