Yeah, RIGHT!

QB's are overrated.

JOSH HEUPEL is my first piece of evidence.

He was the QB that led the Oklahoma Sooners to the national championship. And then.....well....yeah, not a darn thing.

KEN DORSEY is my next exhibit.

38-2 as the QB for Miami and he also won a national championship.

And, for the love, WHO CAN FORGET THE GREAT....


Craig is another national championship-winning QB for the Ohio State University.

Now, Craig is on the radio in Ohio as part of the team calling Buckeye games for the fans.

My FINAL piece of evidence is ......



He has done pretty well with those national championships.

Trent Richardson and Mark Ingram led us to the first few national championships of Coach Saban's run of titles in Tuscaloosa.

I know that Quarterback is the most important position in sports and in football. Yet, there is plenty of evidence that you can hoist the all-important trophy under confetti with a "decent" QB.

The years of Tua, Mac, and Bryce have spoiled us as fans. We CAN win without one on their level.

All of this talk that the "dynasty" is over, is a little premature.

Let's see what the 2023 season of Alabama Football has in store before we make any declarations.

Paul Finebaum has said Saban and The Tide are "done" many times before this time. I've heard all that jazz before.

Nick Saban is one of the greatest football coaches of all-time, and I have seen him win with all kinds of players. We just might be in for one of his greatest coaching jobs in 16 seasons.


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