Blue collar basketball raised a lot of eyebrows this basketball season.

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I can recall within the last few seasons, many people began to refer to the University of Alabama as "Not just a football school" or even "a basketball school."

It's not doubt that coach Nate Oats has brought a new life to the University of Alabama basketball team.

I can admit that this season, I really began to pay attention to the team. It just so happens that this season was a really good one with the team being ranked number 1 in the polls and they made a lot of noise in the March Madness tournament.

Unfortunately, we didn't make it out of the sweet 16. But why?

With AI being the new wave and said to have a lot of knowledge on many subjects, I decided to ask ChatGPT why the University of Alabama basketball team didn't make it out of the Sweet 16 this year.

The response was as follows:

However, in general, teams can lose in the Sweet 16 round of the NCAA basketball tournament for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common reasons include facing a strong opponent, struggling with shooting accuracy or turnovers, being outrebounded or outscored in the paint, or having players fouled out or injured. Other factors such as fatigue, nerves, or coaching decisions may also contribute to a team's loss. It's important to note that basketball is a complex team sport, and a multitude of factors can impact the outcome of any given game.


Are we buying that answer?

Is there a deeper explanation?

Either way, we're gearing up for a better season next year while still enjoying the greatness the team was able to achieve this season.


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