Alabama Wide Receiver Jerry Jeudy said he was "addicted to football" during an interview with media outlets at SEC Media Days in Hoover Wednesday morning.

Asked what his hobbies were when he isn't preoccupied by the Crimson Tide's rigorous training regimen, Jeudy laughed and answered, "sleep."

"I'm sort of addicted to football, that's the only thing I love doing," Jeudy said. "I either watch film, train or watch highlights. That's my hobby -- football. I don't say I love football, I say I'm addicted to it."

The 2018 Biletnikoff Award winner spent 15 minutes answering questions about himself, quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, head coach Nick Saban and more Wednesday.

He said the team doesn't spend much time focusing on their loss to the Clemson Tigers in the National Championship game, but is always looking ahead to how they can be the best team they can be this season.

"It was really a tough loss last year to Clemson, a great team, but it's like Coach Saban always says, so what, now what?" Jeudy said. "So what, we lost last year. Now what? Now what are we going to do about it to improve our game this year and not finish off the season like we did last year?"

Jeudy also spoke about the rush of being an Alabama football player and knowing the Tide's massive and passionate fanbase is cheering you on.

"Before every game you run out there and see a whole bunch of fans just screaming and yelling your name, you just sit there and think this is an amazing feeling, having an amazing fan base supporting us," Jeudy said. "It's just great being an Alabama football playing knowing you've got all those fans supporting you."

Watch Jeudy's entire interview on our YouTube Channel below.

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