Most of Will Muschamp's interview with outlets at SEC Media Days was jovial and joking, but the South Carolina head coach got testy after he was asked if the Gamecocks were becoming the "little brother" to their in-state rivals the Clemson Tigers.

"No, we're not the little brother. We're not, OK?" Muschamp answered. "No."

Leaving it there, Muschamp moved on to the rest of his 15-minute availability, during which he said South Carolina has a tough schedule this year, but it's a challenge he embraces.

"I look at it from the standpoint that it's a great opportunity for our program to take a step forward. You want to go to a place like South Carolina, you want to coach in the Southeastern Conference and to be in the limelight, and that's the opportunity we have and we embrace it and look forward to it."

Muschamp talked about some of the accomplishments the program has seen under his leadership both athletically and academically, but said he wants to see more, including an SEC title run.

"I'm very comfortable with where we are at South Carolina and very comfortable about how we've improved the program and very comfortable with how in three years we've won more games than any staff has in South Carolina history, ever. I mean, ever's a long time!" Muschamp said. "I'm real proud of those accomplishments. That being said, I'm not satisfied with where we need to be and what we need to be. There's nobody more impatient in our program or our fan base than me, so we have a long way to go."

In a different interview, Muschamp talked about the Gamecock's September 14th matchup against Alabama and what it will take for South Carolina to win that contest.

"As far as beating Alabama, you got to go beat Alabama. They are not going to beat themselves. They are very well coached. They have really good players. They're going to attack you in all three phases. That's how you got to approach that game as far as beating that football team," Muschamp said. "Nick's doing a fantastic job. He's the best football coach in college football history. The consistency that he has maintained at Alabama is pretty phenomenal. In this league, it's very difficult. But you got to go beat Alabama. You can't hope and wish something's going to happen. You got to go beat them."

You can see Muschamp's entire video below on Tide 102.9's YouTube Channel.

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