Alabama head coach Nick Saban and Texas A&M coach Jimbo Fisher are in the middle of a heated feud that is rattling the college football world after Saban accused Fisher of buying all his recruits since the NCAA's NIL Policy went into effect.

"We were second in recruiting last year, A&M was first. A&M bought every player on their team," said Saban on Wednesday evening.

Fisher hit back on Thursday morning, denying the "accusations" of cheating, and calling Saban a narcissist among other things.

"The narcissist in him doesn't allow those things to happen," said Fisher.

But let's be honest for a minute here, who is the real narcissist in this situation? The person who shed light on a real flaw in the Name, Image and Likeness Policy or the one name calling from the get-go?

The Aggies head coach got incredibly defensive saying "we didn't cheat," and "we didn't break any state rules." Then, he started name-calling, saying Saban has a "god-complex" and is a "narcissist." Saban never once used the 'c' word, he just brought up a legitimate flaw in the NIL Policy, which is completely different than accusing a fellow coach of cheating and breaking the integrity of the sport. Also, if Fisher didn't think he did anything wrong, why is he ready to go to war over a couple little words?

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Fisher went on to say he would have been hit if he cheated as a child by his father and insinuated that Saban needed more of that in his life growing up.

"Maybe someone should've slapped him."

He's literally saying that someone should have gotten beaten more as a child. In what world does a professional get to that conclusion and openly say that about another human being. In no way, shape, or form is that an okay thing to say.

Finally, gaslighting 101: using children to tug on the heart strings and emotions of the audience so others feel bad for Fisher.

Children? Really? Fisher is going to stoop that low to use children and families of people who aren't even a part of this mess to get sympathy? I expect nothing less from the man who looks up to

A lot has been said already and even more will be said in the future. But, the so-called "narcissist," is not the man who has changed the landscape of college football forever or the one glorifying a former coach who has a cheating scandal on his legacy?

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