Alabama's success in 2012 is well-documented. The team lost just one regular season game, earned the #2 BCS ranking, and destroyed Notre Dame in the national championship. 

The win in the Orange Bowl made it three crystal balls in four seasons for Nick Saban's Crimson Tide. With the 2009 team going undefeated and the 2011 team fielding one of the best defenses in school history, the 2012 squad doesn't get quite as much recognition.

Less than three years later, we can see just how good that last national championship team actually was, especially on offense. Running backs coach Burton Burns shared this infographic on Twitter Friday.

As you can see, the eleven players on the field against Michigan in the season opener are all on an NFL roster today. This picture doesn't even include the starting running back, Eddie Lacy, who has already earned AP Offensive Rookie of the Year and Pro Bowl honors in the NFL. We shouldn't be too surprised that this game ended badly for Michigan (41-14).

Although that 2012 offense finished just fourth in the SEC in yards per game, they were far and away the most balanced (3,185 rushing, 3,052 passing). And while you might guess that the 2014 offense was the most prolific under Saban, it was the 2012 team that put up the most points per game (38.7).

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