It's the offseason, so without live college football on our televisions, we turn to social media to entertain us, and Alabama offensive lineman Alphonse "Shank" Taylor did just that on Twitter on Friday.

Taylor is an active Twitter user, posting more than 22,000 tweets during his time on the popular social media website, and he's been prone to be an entertaining follow from time to time, but Friday Taylor made everybody's day, as he took to the interwebs to express his discontent with his most recent flight on a Delta plane.

Well, Delta heard his complaint and did their best PR spin, but as you can probably guess, it didn't end well for the popular airline company. *KC did his job to the best of his ability, so don't fault KC.*

At this point, Taylor decided to subtweet Delta's replies, and it turned into Twitter gold.

By now, a lot of people had replied to Taylor, retweeted him, quote tweeted him, and had some fun on the Twitter dot com.

Oh, and some local media members got in on the fun. Twitter is such a great website.

But that's not all. Apparently, when Taylor mentioned American Airlines in one of his tweets, they decided to hop in and play along.

If you scroll through American Airlines timeline, you'll see that they probably automate many of their replies. However, given the context of their tweet at Taylor, it's safe to say that this was a manual tweet, and that makes things so much funnier.

College football, hurry and get here. We need you on the television screen.

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