It's the offseason, so we rely on social media to keep our football appetites satiated until September. Alabama offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin knows this, and he delivered yet again on Twitter.

Kiffin was excited to see 4 star QB Mac Jones commit to Alabama on the same social medium, flipping his commitment from the Kentucky Wildcats to the Crimson Tide. Apparently, this flip is like Anakin Skywalker flipping from being a Jedi to the Dark Side (oops, spoiler alert... not really) according to Kentucky co-offensive coordinator and quarterback coach Darin Hinshaw.

Hinshaw tweeted out a picture of a quote from Mormon religious leader James E. Faust, concerning the choices people make and how each choice determines happiness and how many of those choices are between good and evil. This could have been a reaction to Jones' flip to the Tide without directly mentioning Jones in the tweet, or it could just be a random inspirational tweet, but we're going with the former over the latter.

Well, this is what is called a "subtweet," so Kiffin, being the social media expert that he is, gave it the ol' retweet.

Lane Kiffin Retweeting Darin Hinshaw

Now to be fair, it could be that he wanted to share Hinshaw's randomly inspirational tweet.

But it was most likely a troll job given Kiffin's history on the Twitter dot com.

Well done, Lane. Well done.

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