In Friday's Power of Pink meet against the University of Georgia Bulldogs, the Crimson Tide came out full force. Competing to the maximum and showing the strength they have in all four events.

In the last event, as Bama took to the floor routine and in the third of rotation, Makarri Doggette went and took the floor, showing her beautiful talents. In the last seconds of her routine, after one of her last tumbling pieces, Doggette took a hard fall that she couldn’t get back up from.

“Her Achilles is fine, thank God. And we will assess what actually happened. We will take good care of her and find out what’s going on and just grateful it’s not the Achilles,” coach Dona Duckworth said.

Her teammates Lilly Hudson and Shallon Olsen said that they finished the meet strong in the thoughts of their fallen teammate.

“That routine was for Makarri Doggette. Period. She was on my mind the whole routine; I love her to death and I’m praying that she is okay,” freshman Lilly Hudson said. “It just says a lot about how close and how tight this team is. We care for each other so much and that’s what makes us great. Just carrying that, and we hope Makarri is okay.” Hudson later continues.

Doggette was preforming one of her strongest Floor routines, and the crowd was absolutely invested in everything she did. Her injuries are to be later evaluated and hope to be back in the gym to preform and compete alongside her teammates soon.

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