NBA players are now arriving into the bubble at Walt Disney World. 

With everyone arriving it brings up the questions, who will change the name on the back of their jerseys, and what team will do something that will make a big statement?

If you haven’t heard, the NBA is allowing it’s players to replace the names on the back of their jerseys in order to put a social injustice message. The decision for this came only a few days after WNBA player Angel McCoughtry brought up the idea for the WNBA return, but the NBA put this into action. 

Some players have already come out with their decision on what they’ll put on their jerseys. Two surprising announcements have come from Lakers forward LeBron James and Bucks guard Kyle Korver. 

It is reported that LeBron will have “ James” on the back of his jersey meaning he won’t put a social injustice message on his. 

Korver came out saying he will wear “ Black Lives Matter” on the back of his jersey. Korver also wrote a story after a situation involving Russell Westbrook and a Utah Jazz fan which had the fan calling Westbrook a racial slur causing the fan to be banned from Jazz games. The article went on talking about the NBA, racism and privilege saying, “Banning a guy like Russ’ heckler? To me, that’s the ‘easy’ part. But if we’re really going to make a difference as a league, as a community, and as a country on this issue … we need to push ourselves another step further.”

The Toronto Raptors also made a big statement. The team arrived at the bubble with ‘Black Lives Matter’ painted on the side of their team bus. With multiple players arriving with ‘Black Lives Matter’ written on their masks. 

Throughout the next couple days before we should be expecting to see more social injustice messages from both players and organizations. 

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