According to Patrick Engel of, the NCAA announced all Division One sports will be allowed to hold eight hours per week for virtual "non-countable" activities. These activities can include team meetings, film review and chalk talks. The relaxed regulations will begin on Monday and will last until May 31 with a provision to extend it beyond that date if necessary.

Prior to this announcement the NCAA was allowing football programs to hold virtual meetings for up to two hours per week. Alabama head coach Nick Saban said these meetings were a critical aspect to implementation of his system. Extending the regulations by six hours would mean that college programs could speed along mental work that is normally done during the spring practice portion of the season.

Vice President Mike Pence recently met with the College Football Playoff Committee and the overwhelming theme was that football and other athletic competitions would not resume unless students were back on campus in person. Extending the virtual meeting restrictions would be a way to make up for lost time over the spring and summer so that college football can still start on time.

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