Alabama head coach Nick Saban joined the Dan Patrick Show on Wednesday to discuss his program's fourth national championship in seven seasons.

During the conversation, Saban was asked which play he would remember from the 45-40 win over Clemson and he singled out that gutsy, fourth-quarter kick.

"The onside kick is the play that really changed the momentum of the game," Saban told Dan Patrick. "(The kick) was something that really needed at that time in the game. We were a little gassed on defense. We were struggling to stop them. The score was tied. So that was really a big play in the game."

The decision came after Adam Griffith's 33-yard field goal tied the game at 24-24 with just over 10 minutes left. Saban said it all came down to feel based on how the game was playing out.

"I think it was really a lot of feel," Saban said. "I didn't feel great about the momentum of the game. I thought we needed to do something to change that.

The onside kick is one of the surprise plays that the team had practices and prepares for in case the scenario every presented itself.

"That's what we went into the game with. That's what we practiced and players executed perfectly and it worked. Now if it didn't work, I'd be getting criticized for making that call. That's the risk/reward."

You can listen to the entire conversation with Dan Patrick in the video above.