Alabama wrapped up their 10th practice of the spring as they gear up for their second of three scrimmages this Saturday.

After Wednesday's practice, head coach Nick Saban provided his assessment of the first two practices this week including a great start to the week.

"I thought the players were really good on Monday. We had to go inside because the fields were a little too wet." Saban said.

For today, Saban noted how the attitude and mental toughness in practice wasn't as good as in previous practice but got better the further along they got into practice.

"Today, every now and then as a coach you feel like people get the 'Poor mes'. If you know what the 'Poor mes' are, they're exactly what I said. Poor me, my leg hurts. Poor me, my shoulder hurts. Poor me, it's hot out here today. Poor me, I don't feel like practicing. To me, I'm not big on the 'poor mes'. I like people not to do what they feel like doing but to chose to do what they need to do to get better and that has been very, very good all spring. Today, it could have been better. I think practice went better as we went, but we need to keep working on that." Saban said.

In his look ahead to Saturday's scrimmage, Alabama's head coach emphasized the need to develop depth across the roster.

"The depth of our team overall has got to improve. We need more people who can be responsible and accountable to do a job at a standard where we feel like that they can play winning football, and that's certainly going to be the goal that we continue to work on." Saban said.

According to Saban, the coaching staff has begun to prepare the players for the opponents on their 2019 schedule.

"We have spent time this week on other opponents. We started that this week which we usually do this time of year. Things that we don't really see much from our offense and things that the offense sees that they don't see from the defense. So that's something that's been very beneficial I think situationally to a lot of players. That's a really beneficial thing, and it takes a lot of preparation but our coaches have done a really good job of that." Saban said.

Later in his talk with reporters, Saban discusses the upcoming high school coaches clinic, the running back rotation, moving various players around on defense and some of the young wide receivers on the roster.

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