We've gathered up photos for an album from our travels around Tuscaloosa and Northport on Lemonade Day featuring the many stands set up and run by kids!

It was truly an awesome sight on Saturday (June 18) to see so many children and grown-ups come together to set up lemonade stands at such a wide variety of locations. There was a lot of thought and planning that went into their business venture, from signage and location to the drink recipe.

What about the profits? The responses I heard ranged from making a donation to causes such as Children's Hospital of Alabama to saving for their college fund.

We are thrilled to see it was such a huge success!

In the weeks leading up to the big day, we received such glowing support from the local business community!  Even Tuscaloosa's Mayor Maddox made an official proclamation that June 18th is officially Lemonade Day in the city!  Most importantly, families from around West Alabama deciding to take on the challenge and join our movement!

We equipped those families with starter kits and tips for building a business plan.  Once registered with a location, they were featured on a master Google map to make it easy for everyone to find them!

Everyone reported brisk business, as the community really stepped up to support these little entrepreneurs in their valuable lesson on business.

We invited everyone to share their photo using #LemonadeDayTTown on the social media sites.  You may have noticed, we were the top trending topic Saturday on Twitter!

Here's a photo album capturing some of the sights.

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