The Alabama quarterback conversations has continued throughout the off season, and the conversation just got more interesting.

With Jalen Hurts, Tua Tagovailoa, and Mac Jones already on the roster, Nick Saban has added another quarterback to the rotation flipping Arkansas State quarterback Layne Hatcher.

Hatcher is 3-star prospect out of Pulaski Academy is the 53rd ranked dual-threat quarterback in the 2018 class. With Hatcher's arrival to Alabama, what does that mean for the current quarterback situation here at Alabama?

Rodney Orr of TiderInsider joined The Game with Ryan Fowler to discuss Hatcher coming to Alabama and what that means for the QB competition, breaks down defensive tackle Antonio Alfano and kicker Will Rechard, and Alabama blocking Brandon Kennedy's transfer.

For more of Orr's breakdown on Hatcher and what that means for the quarterbacks at Alabama, make sure you watch the video above the article. Don't miss The Game with Ryan Fowler weekday afternoons from 2-6 p.m. for the latest surrounding the Alabama Crimson Tide.

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