In the understatement of the year, Alabama coach Nick Saban said it was a "huge issue" for Jalen Milroe that Seth McLaughlin was not consistently snapping well in the Rose Bowl [and much of the season].

Saban Mcspoke Thursday on ESPN's Pat McAfee Show.

As all of Bama nation and much of America saw, McLaughlin's final snap of the game on fourth and goal was low, forcing Milroe to adjust to it to catch it before being stopped well short of the goal line by Michigan.

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"It wasn't a great snap," Saban said Thursday. "It was a low, shoelace snap. Which now you don't have your eyes up. It makes it harder to make those kind of cuts."

No kidding, coach.

Saban added that the quarterback-center exchange has been, "a little bit of an issue for us all year long."

Not to beat a dead horse, but you can say that again.

Saban once again pointed out the defensive clapping that caused an early snap at Jordan-Haire Stadium to set up 4th-and-31.

McAfee also queried Saban on the botched final play in more detail.

Saban said he regretted not changing the call.
So what besides the snap went wrong?
Saban said, “I did anticipate that they would call timeout. The first time we went out, we had the look that we wanted to run the play that we wanted to run. They called timeout. We changed what we were going to do the second time we went out, we changed personnel group and changed formation and we didn’t like the look that we got so we called timeout.
"But you only get one timeout for each overtime session. The third time we go out, we changed personnel again, and I didn't like the look that we got. We couldn’t call timeout.

McAfee accurately pointed out there was no room up the middle for Milroe to run on the play, but it looked like he had a lane if he quickly cut left. Saban agreed, and  said it "wasn't a great snap" on the final play and that hampered Milroe's ability to make a cut like McAfee mentioned.

So there you have it.

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