It's well-known by now that Terry Saban gave her husband not just permission bu admonition to get on players who weren't performing to the Bama Standard. A worldwide TV audience saw "Butt Chewing Saban" on full display Saturday night in Starkville and it paid off with a 40-17 Tide win.

On his weekly appearance on ESPN's The Pat McAfee Show, Saban was asked by the leisurely clad host if he and wife only talked football around the house.

"No, it's not ball all the time," Saban replied. "We're regular old people that have regular old problems. Dogs die, grandkids have problems -- we're just like everybody else."

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And those butt chewings?

: "At times, I've got to admit, I coach them hard. But most of them got used to it," Saban noted. "I tell them -- I say, look, when we play -- just like this week, when we play at Texas A&M, there's going to be 105,000 people trying to get in the middle of your stuff. If you can't take me getting in the middle of your stuff, we got a problem."

Here are some snippets of other topics Saban covered with McAfee.

On Thursday advice to Jalen Milroe

"I just met with Jalen -- I said just because you're going back to Texas, that doesn't mean you have to do something different. You just have to play your game, fundamentally, do what you're supposed to do so that gives you the best chance to be successful."

On Aggies coach Jimbo Fisher, a former Saban assistant 

"Jimbo's a good coach. He's a good guy. We come from the same part of West Virginia. I've known him for a long, long time. He's done an outstanding job there. I respect him as an offensive coach about as much as anybody we play against."

[Two years ago, Fisher became the first former Saban aide to beat his former boss.]

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