It is well known to many by now that baseball's popularity has been declining in the United States over the past several years. The most common complaint amongst fans is that the game is simply too slow. This is a problem that isn't exclusive to Major League Baseball, this is a problem for the entire sport.

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Collegiate sports carry themselves differently than professional ones with more emphasis being put on traditions, school spirit, and seeing the young athletes fight to achieve their dreams of going pro. While sports like football and basketball succeed greatly at differentiating themselves from the NFL and NBA, college baseball struggles to perform on a grander scale alongside the also-struggling MLB.

The SEC has decided that some new rules will be in place for conference games in an effort to speed up the games and make things more exciting for viewers.

Between Batters Clock: A 30-second timer will start after the batter concludes the prior play. The batter must be alert to the pitcher with at least 10 seconds remaining. The first pitch must be in motion before the clock expires.

Mound Visit Clock: When a coach or defensive player makes a visit to the pitcher's mound, a 30-second clock will start. The clock will start the second the coach has left the dugout or the player has left their position. The coach must leave the mound before the clock expires, unless they are signaling for a pitching change.

Pitching Change Clock: A 2:30 clock will start when a new pitcher who is coming into the game crosses the warning track or the bullpen area if the bullpen is on the playing field.

10-Run Rule: After seven innings, if a team leads by at least 10 runs, the game will end. This rule can apply to non-conference games if the coach of the non-conference team consents to the rule. If the coach does not consent, the game will be played with normal NCAA rules.

Inclement Weather Policy Update: The SEC has stated that if the final game of a series is postponed due to inclement weather, general curfew policies shall be waved as long as the visiting team's institution does not have classes the following day. No game may start past 10:00 p.m. local time or resume after midnight local time.

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