So recently the Million Dollar Band appeared in the news, and as an MDB Alumni, I'm immediately interested. I may not be able to carry that Sousaphone anymore, which my body probably thanks me for, but it's always good to see the best band in the land in the news, for the right reasons of course!

So during the spring season of sports, the MDB has pep bands that perform at various sporting events. recently profiled one specific member of the MDB pep band, and her name is Ansley Frachiseur. Also knows as the "Heckling Piccolo." And wow, she is really dedicated to getting into opponents heads. She even does research on opposing players likes and dislikes! If you were watching the Alabama-Virginia Tech broadcast last night, she even had bag of Tide pods to distract VT with. (Nice touch!)

However, this brings up a more important question: WHERE IN THE WORLD IS MY LOW BRASS AT!?!?!?

Y'all are gettin beaten in the heckling department by a single Piccolo player! Come on Tubas, Baritones, and Trombones, I'm gonna need you all to step up your heckling game! Especially the Tubas. With Villanova upcoming, we'll need all the energy we can get!

I'm counting on you Low Brass! Don't let me down tomorrow! Roll Tide and beat Villanova!

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