We made it. There will be live American sports on TV this week and next week. There is a catch though. As the four major sports leagues look to return to play, America will watch in awe, hoping that this idea of a “bubble” will work. While sports may be back, the next two weeks will be “make or break” for the near future of sports in America.

Finally, after months of uncertainty surrounding the 2020 baseball season, we will have games. While scrimmages are being televised on MLB Network early in the week, Opening Night on Thursday will feature two huge matchups. At 6 p.m., the Yankees will travel to Washington D.C. to take on the defending champion Nationals. Right after, the Los Angeles Dodgers will host the San Francisco Giants. Both games will be aired on ESPN.

From a more local standpoint, Atlanta will travel to New York to play the division-rival Mets on Friday. This game will start at 3 p.m. and will be aired on ESPN.

On Monday, the Kansas City Chiefs and the Houston Texans returned to training camp. The defending Super Bowl champions will take on the Texans in the first game of the NFL season on Thursday, September 10th. For the rest of the league, teams will be allowed to return next week.

While the news is seemingly looking positive for the NFL, there is still uncertainty in the return of the season. The NFLPA and the owners are scrambling to negotiate safety and health protocols, and if they cannot agree on terms, the season may be in danger. With that being said, players from across the NFL are expressing their want to play to Commissioner Roger Goodell on Twitter.

The teams of the National Hockey League are in their final stages of preparation for return to play. Scrimmages and practice have been taking place at all rinks, but on Sunday (7/26), teams in the playoffs will be traveling to their respective hub cities. Eastern Conference teams will travel to Toronto, and Western Conference teams will play in Edmonton.

The NHL is eyeing an official start to their playoffs on Saturday, August 1st.

Finally, in the basketball world, the NBA continues to prepare for the Orlando Playoffs. Games begin next Thursday, July 30. Teams are slated to play an eight game regular season before getting into the playoffs in mid-August.

College Football
This brings us to college football. I seem to change my own opinion almost every day. I do know one thing though- if the return of the four professional leagues goes well, it can mean good news for college football fans. If things go poorly and COVID-19 cases spike, it might not look good. If you are a fan of college football and you want information on the probability of college football season, look no further than the return of the “Big 4” sports leagues.

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