As morning thunderstorms thundered into Tuscaloosa, another storm shook up the Alabama football coaching staff.

Former Alabama head coach Steve Sarkisian accepted the same position with the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons just shy of a month after coaching in Alabama’s national title game loss to Clemson.

Shortly after reports surfaced of Sarkisian’s exit, WLTZ-TV sports director Josh Pate offered his insights into the sudden exit from the Alabama coaching scene.

While Alabama searches for Sarkisian’s successor, Pate analyzed the effect the move has on Saban and other college football coaches.

“I don’t think the struggle will be on Nick Saban’s end at all. I actually think that a lot of other head coaches were put on notice today. You got a lot of guys at programs who you think you’ve weathered the storm in terms of being at risk for losing some of your assistants and then all of a sudden the Atlanta Falcons initiate a chain reaction.” Pate said.

The Georgia sportscaster provided a forecast as to the possible direction for where Nick Saban could go for Alabama’s next offensive coordinator.

“I think there are very good reasons to think each way. To think maybe he wants to keep it internal or to think that maybe he knows he has his picks of a number of guys out there including names that we would never have even thought of that he knows about. I think it’s a spin the bottle type deal.” Pate said.

WLTZ’s sports director followed up his forecast with a reminder of the type of mindset in the coaching profession that it takes to work for Nick Saban.

Whether the next offensive coordinator comes from inside Saban’s coaching staff or from another school, Pate highlighted a necessity for taking the reins of the Alabama offense.

“Find out, as soon as you hear the name, what kind of background do they have with the quarterback position, and if it’s not extensive, I think they’re as good as crossed off the list.” Pate stated.

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