Alabama is going up against Western Carolina this Saturday, which seems to be more of a bye week for the Crimson Tide than a game. Even though Saban and the players continuously state that they are not looking past Western Carolina to Auburn, we know that the Catamounts do not pose much of a threat to become spoilers to the Crimson Tide. This game will be more about working on schemes, play calling and developing the depth for Alabama.

Here is what the staff has to say about this weeks matchup.

Chris Stewart (Host of "The Chris Stewart Show")

The outcome is not a concern, but staying/getting healthy will be. Wouldn't be at all surprised if Alabama's leading rusher is Tyren Jones, and that the leading receiver is Ardarius Stewart. Look for Bama to score early and often, and turn its full attention to next week by halftime - or earlier. Alabama 52, Western Carolina 7

Ryan Fowler (Host of "The Game")

Alabama needs to continue to impress the committee in order to remain at the number 1 spot.  Alabama does this against an inferior opponent with 2nd and 3rd string units getting some quality snaps during the game. Alabama 48, Western Carolina 7


Ryan McMunn (Executive Producer)

As I'm chowing down on this delicious crow that I've been served from picking Mississippi State, I thought I would be hesitant to pick a side this week. But then I remembered that Alabama plays Western Carolina, so I'm slightly more confident this week with my pick.

Alabama showed last week that they are the best team in college football. I'm not a fan of how the Tide always seems to let off on the gas in the second half of big games after getting a big lead early, but a win is a win at this point in the season.

There's not much of a break down in this game because, well.... Western Carolina. Alabama cruises and awaits Auburn to get their revenge from last year's Iron Bowl. Alabama 49, Western Carolina 6

Trey Brooks (Producer)

Alabama gets up big, then cruises to victory. Then they hit the showers, go back to the dorms, hang out with friends and family for a bit, and move on to the Iron Bowl. Alabama 50, Western Carolina 3

Kevin Connell (Contributor)

As Nick Saban said during his postgame press conference after Alabama's win over then-No. 1 Mississippi State last Saturday, every game is like a playoff game now for the Tide. If Alabama wants to be in the real thing at season's end, it can't afford to lose another game.

Now while Saban will tell you that playoff-like look at things still applies for this week against Western Carolina, an FCS school, the game itself will be more like a scrimmage if anything. Alabama 49, Western Carolina 0

Ben George (Digital Managing Editor)

There’s not a whole lot to say about this game. Alabama should name its score and hope to get through Homecoming without injury. The only thing I’m looking for is how the reserves play in the 2nd half, particularly Jake Coker and the group of running backs. Nick Saban might not be looking ahead to the Iron Bowl, but everyone else probably is. Alabama 52, Western Carolina 0

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