Every year in mid-November, one of the biggest narratives for college football fans is the Southeastern Conference's scheduling. Or lack their of. 

It's like clockwork.

After 11 weeks of playing opponents like Southern Cal, UCLA, Florida State, Wisconsin, Clemson, and North Carolina, fans will be outraged by the non-conference games being played the second-to-last week of the season. Except everyone conveniently forgets about the entire body of work.

Fans overreacting in the moment without seeing the big picture? Really surprising, right?

Let's all just remember the first week of the season when Ohio State was running up the score on Bowling Green, Michigan was destroying a jet-lagged Hawaii, Maryland was carving up Howard, and Illinois was shutting down Murray State. Every conference plays these games, but too many people want to single out one conference.

Listen to Aaron Suttles make this exact point during his Tuesday afternoon show.

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