As a guy under 6-feet-tall, there are a lot of things I know I'll never have the chance to experience. Well, thanks to this video from last night's NBA Draft, that list got even longer.

Connor Toole, a 6'10" writer for Elite Daily, proves that all you have to be is tall and own a suit to convince people you play professional basketball. Seriously, it's that simple. Dress the part, have an ounce of confidence, and you'll have the night of your life.

Just watch this video from New York City as Toole attends the draft, soaks up celebrity stardom with strangers on the street, accepts free shots from bars, and has phone numbers handed to him by females.

We can all take solace in the fact that even though his night was a taste of the good life, he returned to the office Friday morning just like the rest of us.

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