The University of Tennesse's Chancellor Donde Plowman answered the many questions surrounding their Football program and how they would move in midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. With optimism for the continuation of the season, did come some news that is sure to send ripple affects throughout the college football landscape.

Vanderbilt v Tennessee
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"We're hopeful that the football team gets to play; if they do there will be no full stadium, we won't have tailgating on campus," said Donde Plowman.

With the SEC going to an all in-conference schedule, and releasing COVID-19 protocols to the public it can be argued that Tennessee is even more ahead of the curve with this new move.

While the lower stadium capacity concept has been implemented in many other schools such as South Alabama, Baylor, and TCU, Tennessee has taken an even further step to accommodate for these unfortunate times by banning on campus tailgates. This is a sure fire way to reduce the number of people that will gather at Neyland Stadium to watch the Vols play this season.

With the Neyland able to hold over 100,000 fans, the precautions that must be taken does compromise some sense of tradition, but considering that some conferences aren't going to have a season, it is a small price to pay to ensure football is played.

With a reduced crowd in the stadium, no tailgates, and masks being worn throughout the sidelines by team personnel it's going to be a different feeling on Saturdays, but as long as we have the game, who can complain?

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