It's that time of the year again. No, not the time to be thankful for everything we've been blessed with, but the time to divide households in the state of Alabama, the time to don your favorite crimson and white shakers or your favorite blue and orange clothes. It's Iron Bowl week.

The Alabama/Auburn rivalry is unlike any other rivalry in the country. Your father may be an Auburn fan and your mother may be an Alabama fan. The children then take sides. Your uncle walks in the house for Thanksgiving dinner wearing his elephant head hat, and one of your cousins struts in blaring the Auburn fight song on her phone.

It's an interesting dynamic, and among the bragging and bold predictions are some of the best trash talk jokes you can imagine. So we've scoured Twitter to find some of the best PG-rated #AuburnHateWeek tweets, and we're confident that you won't be disappointed.