As a college football fan, the season preview issue of Playboy might have been your second favorite issue of the year behind the 'Girls of the SEC'. How could you not be jealous of these guys. Not only were they some of the best athletes in the nation, but they got to travel to the Playboy Mansion for a photo shoot.

We dug up the Playboy All-American team from only 10 years ago to see how many of the players we could name from 2003. Take a look at both photos and see how you do. The answers are at the bottom of this post.

Playboy 2003 All-American Offense
Offensive All-Americans (Playboy)
Playboy 2003 All-Americans Defense
Defensive All-Americans (Playboy)


Take a look at the list of players:

On offense: #95 Nate Kaeding, Placekicker, Iowa; #53 Nick Leckey, Lineman, Kansas State; #81 Kellen Winslow Jr., Tight End, Miami; #4 Roy Williams, Wide Receiver, Texas; #73 Shawn Andrews, Lineman, Arkansas; #78 Justin Smiley, Lineman, Alabama; #78 Robert Gallery, Lineman, Iowa; #1 Reggie Williams, Wide Receiver, Washington; #1 Mike Williams, Wide Receiver, USC; #25 Kevin Jones, Running Back, Virginia Tech; #9 Nick Browne, Anson Mount Scholar/Athlete, Placekicker, TCU; #19 Eli Manning, Quarterback, Mississippi. Not pictured: Michael Munoz, Lineman, Tennessee.

On defense: #11 Derrick Johnson, Linebacker, Texas; #11 Teddy Lehman, Linebacker, Oklahoma; #83 Jason Babin, Lineman, Western Michigan; #11 Karlos Dansby, Linebacker, Auburn; #93 Will Smith, Lineman, Ohio State; #24 Rod Davis, Linebacker, Southern Mississippi; #52 Brandon Kennedy, Lineman, North Texas; #7 Chris Gamble, Back, Ohio State; #20 Cody Scates, Punter, Texas A&M; #9 Stuart Schweigert, Back, Purdue; #3 Marlin Jackson, Back, Michigan; Kirk Ferentz, Coach of the Year, Iowa; #12 Derek Abney, Kick Returner, Kentucky. Not pictured: Sean Taylor, Back, Miami.

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