There aren't many people that know what to expect from the quarterback position for Alabama when the team plays Southern Cal on Saturday. Nick Saban plans to play two quarterbacks with the hope that one of them performs when the lights comes on.

While no player has clearly separated himself through 25 fall practices, teammates have seen a lot from both Cooper Bateman and Blake Barnett. Senior O.J. Howard is one of those players. As a pass catcher, he's worked closely with all of the Alabama quarterbacks, and had this to offer up on the two-man battle.

"Both guys have done a great job being leaders in the huddle," Howard said. "You know, knowing what to do at the line of scrimmage, audibling when it's necessary. I think that has really set those two guys apart.

"They throw a nice, tight spiral. Both guys do. Have great arms. But most importantly, they're both very smart with the ball. They know when to throw the ball away or when to make a play with their legs. I think that is really helpful for us."

True freshman Jalen Hurts competed for the job throughout fall camp, and even though he isn't listed in the top two, Saban said they plan on developing him so that he can help this team in 2016. Howard said something similar on Monday.

"When it comes down to Jalen, he's a great athlete like you said. He's going to have a chance to help our team this year definitely. He's just going to keep working hard."

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