Less than two weeks away from their biggest game of the 2017 season, No. 4 Alabama suffered another devastating blown.

Freshman linebacker Dylan Moses suffered a foot injury during practice on Monday that likely will end his season.

He recorded 30 tackles, 5.5 tackles for loss, 1.5 sacks and an interception through 11 games played this season.

During Tuesday’s edition of The Gary Harris Show, veteran Alabama football observer Travis Reier reflected on the news of the freshman linebacker’s injury and the impact it will have on the Crimson Tide in the postseason.

Reier looked back at how Alabama has been able to avoid the injury bug for so long and noted the last time that Nick Saban’s program has suffered from widespread injury issues.

“It’s incredible. Maybe it’s just sort of the result of the years or pretty good fortune that they’ve had.” Reier said. “You have to go back to 2010 when they were last hit with a pretty stout rash of injuries, but this is unlike anything I’ve seen on one side of the ball, especially, and really one area of that side of the ball between the outside and inside linebacker positions.”

As Christian Miller, Terrell Lewis and Mack Wilson recover from prior injuries and prepare for the Sugar Bowl, the host of Southern Fried Sports voiced concerns regarding Wilson’s recovery and noted a reserve linebacker that will have to step up on New Year’s night inside the Mercedes Benz Superdome.

“Keith Holcomb’s going to have to step into that third role and give you something especially if (Mack) Wilson isn’t able to play every down.” Reier said. “If he’s not to the point where he can play in all the packages, specifically nickel and dime in a game like this with Clemson, you’re going to have to roll Keith Holcomb in there some.”

Later in his conversation with Gary Harris, Reier discussed the how Moses’s injury could affect how Alabama prepares for the Clemson game offensive and the importance for the offense to score more points.

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