The Tuscaloosa Police have issued a warning about a scam that has been occurring around the city. They have released details of the complaints they have been receiving to provide a warning for citizens that might receive a similar call in the future.

Read the full statement below:

The Tuscaloosa Police Department has received multiple complaints of people receiving fraudulent telephone calls requesting money.

The caller will say they are with a local police department, federal agency, or a bonding company and demand payment on a traffic citation, warrant, or tell you that a family member is in jail and needs to be bonded out.

In the past the caller would ask for credit card numbers or ask you to send money by Western Union but recently most of the callers have requested the numbers from a Green Dot card. A Green Dot card is a prepaid credit card. Once the numbers are given to the caller the money can be withdrawn from the account within seconds.

The Tuscaloosa Police Department will never contact a citizen and ask for payment for any of the previous reasons listed. If you receive a call stating that you owe money for a fine please do not go purchase a green dot card or send any form of payment to the caller.


If you know anything relating to this scam, you are encouraged to contact authorities.

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