Tuscaloosa Police will open an investigation into a video that began circulating on social media Sunday that shows officers pulling two men from an apartment and proceeding to use a taser and a baton on at least one of them.

The first video was shared by a user named Kellen Kling (@kelloggskling) on Twitter.

Total Frat Move found additional angles of the incident.

The Tuscaloosa Police Department released a short statement on Facebook saying there would be a full investigation into the circumstances resulting in the force seen in the videos. As you can read below, the police were responding to a call about loud music early Sunday morning.


According to WVUA's Jack Royer, the police had already visited the apartment once before returning to arrest the student.

Total Frat Move is reporting that one of the people in the video is a student at The University of Alabama. There should be more information from the Tuscaloosa Police on Monday.

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