Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide focus on one game at a time and the number one team in college football have the Mercer Bears to focus on this weekend.

Scouting expert Chris Landry, who has worked with Saban in the NFL, joined The Game with Ryan Fowler for his  weekly report to discuss how Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide are using this game against Mercer to prep for the Auburn Tigers next week, the conflict with the college football playoff rankings, and Alabama's offensive line versus Auburn's front seven.

Here’s what else Chris Landry broke down on his weekly report:

  • Recaps Mississippi State/Alabama
  • Dan Mullen slowing the game down on offense
  • Has Alabama injuries at linebacker finally caught up with them
  • Breaking down Alabama’s OL
  • Despite playing Mercer this week, are they still prepping for Auburn
  • Conflicts in the CFB Rankings
  • Breaks down Alabama/Auburn

For all of Chris Landry’s reports watch the video above and don’t miss the Landry Football Weekly Report every Wednesday at 4 p.m. CT on The Game with Ryan Fowler.

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