After a nice break with the bye week, the Crimson Tide is ramping back up for a matchup against LSU.

Sports writer JC Shurburtt discussed what Alabama needs to focus on Thursday morning with Wimp and Barry Sanderson on Inside the Locker Room. 

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"I think Alabama can take advantage of LSU's defense a little bit," said Shurburtt. "They always have talent on that side of the ball, but they're a bit suspect."

JC Shurburtt thought the key to Alabama's victory came down to focusing on one player, though. "I think the key is gonna be Jayden Daniels--how does Alabama affect his ability to operate," he said. "[Jayden] is probably the best quarterback in the league this year, maybe the best in the country."

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Jayden Daniels

"It's really a situation of how do you contain it," said Shurburtt. "How do you keep him from running, how do you rattle him from throwing the ball down the field...really slow their offense."

Shurburtt emphasized that we don't want to repeat what happened in the Texas game. "You don't want to have your offense kinda so-so, and then there's just too many playmakers on the other side of the ball," he said. "But Alabama grows every week. They get better every week."

JC Shurburtt's final evaluation: It'll be a toss-up. "It's probably gonna be a close fourth quarter football game," he said. But..."I think Alabama will probably play in the 20's and have a good shot to win."

Can the Tide bring heat all four quarters? We'll see Saturday.

Listen to the full interview with JC Shurburtt:

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